Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire and earthquake drills at SM Marilao

21 MAY 2013- A series of rescue operation was carried out by SM City Marilao’s Emergency Response Group as actual fire, earthquake and evacuation drill was staged during regular mall hours.

“We take this exercise seriously that is why we wanted it to be realistic as possible” on the statement made by Customer Relations Services Manager Jose Berong during the briefing done before the drill.

Weeks before the drill, shoppers, employees and tenants were advised of the simulation to ensure the welfare of each participant. Guaranteeing each and everyone’s safety, BFP along with Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council of Marilao and mall’s building administrators checked the first aid and safety equipment, fire exit doors, fire hydrants location and evacuation route as well as the evacuation area.  Seminars on earthquake as well as fire safety and prevention were likewise taken by the ERG as a refresher course prior to the drill.

The actual fire, earthquake and evacuation drill simulation targets to increase and strengthen mall’s Emergency Response Group (ERG) preparedness, evaluate response capabilities and improve coordination among the tasked units during emergency situations.

Challenging mock-up situations such as traumatized customers covered and injured by falling debris, tenant employees suffering from burn and head traumas as well as severely injured victim with fractures were put up to enhance the mall’s Emergency Response Group (ERG) skills in mobilization, communication and response, as well as the ability to account for all the people within the affected premises.

A mock-up fire scenario also transpired at the entrance of the mall to demonstrate the different types of fire stream while performing the actual simulation of suppressing the fire.

After the drill, Bulacan Provincial BFP, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council of Marilao, Marilao BFP and Barangay Ibayo Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council lauded SM City Marilao for its preparedness and capability in handling disaster situations. This exercise is observed yearly by the mall to illustrate and practice the proper response before, during and after these hazards happen.