Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Diocese of Malolos takes hard line stand vs. candidates hostile on Church teachings

MALOLOS CITY—The Diocese of Malolos  took a hard line stand against anti-life and family candidates in the May 13 automated elections.

In a two page pastoral letter read in all parishes in Bulacan and in the City of Valenzuela, Bishop Jose Francisco Oliveros of the Diocese of Malolos advised parishioners saying “huwag iboto ang mga kandidatong laban sa buhay at pamilya.

Oliveros was referring to candidates who voted for the ratification of the Reproductive Health Law and those that are pushing for laws on divorce, same sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia or mercy killing.

The bishop also encourage parishioners in the province not to vote for candidates who pushed for the establishment landfills in Bulacan along with those who are facing charges of graft and corruption, and involved in illegal mining, illegal fishing, and illegal logging.

Oliveros also specifically called on the laity not to vote for candidates who belong to political dynasty and who have a mistress.

“Ito ang aking panawagan salahat ng mga layko ang kusa at malayang pagtugon sa gawaing ito,” the bishop said in his pastoral letter where in he added, “dapat tumulong ang mga laikong kalalakihan at kababaihan namay mataas na katungkulan sa ating lipunan sa paghubog ng budhinh panlipunan ng botante at dapat silang kumilos upang hayagang suportahan ang pagkakahalal sa mga katungkulang pampublikong mga pinunong may wagas na katapatan.”

In the same letter, Oliveros explained that his call is not partisan, instead, it was a recognition to candidates who are supporting the teachings of the Church.

He also reminded parishioners that in choosing the bext candidates in the May polls, Catholics must have knowledge of the candidates, must inquire and must exercise responsibility.

In inquiring about a certain candidate, Catholics were reminded to consider the four “Cs” which stands for  conscience, character, competence, compassion and commitment.

“Marapat lamang na ang botanteng katoliko ay mapag-isip, mapanuri,at mapagsaliksik sa uri ng pagkatao ng isang pulitiko,”Oliveros said.

With regards to the vaunted Catholic Vote, he described it as an spiritual power that that must evaluate the social, political and cultural landscape.

Ang botong katoliko ay pagtutol,hindi pagboto sa mga pulitiko na ang programa at panuntunan ay laban sa pananampalataya at moral ng Katoliko,” he said.

Meanwhile, political old hands here said that the pastoral letter will affect candidacies of Gov. Wilhelmino Alvarado and his wife Rep. Marivic Alvarado.

Aside from the perception that the Alvarados are building apolitical dynastry, Rep. Alvarado also voted in favor of the RH law.

Other candidates are expected to be affected by the pastoral letter is Bulakan town Mayor Patrick Meneses, scion of the political clan who ruled in the town for more than 50 years; and the reelection bid of Mayor Joan Alarilla of Meycauayan City who was charged withy plunder years ago; and Mayor Rolando Flores of the mountain town of Donya Remedios Trindad who was suspended last year for abuse of authority.

Political observers also believes that reelection bids of Mayor Orencio Gabriel who favored the construction of sanitary landfill in Obando town; and Mayor Feliciano Legazpi who is grooming his son as his running mate.  (Dino Balabo)