Tuesday, June 4, 2013


AS WE celebrate World Environment Day today, June 5, the grim reminders of the power of nature are splashed on newspapers and all over the broadcast and social media.

Floodwaters are rising and devastating parts of Central Europe, powerful tornadoes had ripped through Oklahoma in the United States, earthquakes had struck Taiwan and southern Philippines. The toll on human lives and property are unimaginable; the images of destruction are beyond words.

Now, more than ever, is vigilance needed as communities brace for a changing environment. The new normal are stronger typhoons, sudden rains and flooding during summer, snowfall in arid lands, extreme heat in wintry months and higher sea level that would erase coastal communities.

The Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (PNEJ) joins the celebration of World Environment Day aware that there are bigger challenges ahead. The responsibility of the media to convey accurate and timely information to communities at risk to a changing environment is much needed as we reach a critical stage of the fight to reverse the impact of global warming and climate change.

PNEJ, which is celebrating its third founding anniversary today, is reiterating its commitment to look for and present stories that would push environmental issues to the forefront so these could move policymakers, government and nongovernment agencies and communities to action.

We also take this opportunity to thank PNEJ’s partners in training and offering opportunities to a new generation of environmental journalists and bringing environmental reporting to the consciousness of the Filipino public. Rest assured, we will not waver in our resolve to advance environment and development issues to benefit our community, especially those most vulnerable to the impact of a changing climate.

Happy World Environment Day!